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Follow this 10 easy tips to save your phone battery

  1. Always use original charger to charge your phone.
  2. Use less than 25 watts below charger for long life service.
  3. Maintain your phone battery above 20%.
  4. Do not chage your phone above 85%.
  5. You are not a heavy user use power saving mode.
  6. Close all recently opened apps.
  7. Use dark mode to save power consumption (Only for Oled displays).
  8. Stop Mobile data, Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS When you are not using.
  9. When you have very low battery change to network mode to 2G Only.
  10. When you want get extra battery life to turn on ultra power saving mode.

We all are using smartphone mainly worrying about battery life. almost all the smartphones does have lithium batteries. But lithium batteries changing cycles are 800 to 1200 cycles. after that that battery capacity gradually going down. We’ll follow few steps to extend our battery life.

Battery life tips: Always charge your phone less then 25 watts charger. When you are changing phone with high wattage charger phone battery temperature will be going high then battery health gradually decreasing. only use fast charger emergency time. and always use original or good changer. Maintain battery 20%-85% level.

Battery saving tips: If you are not a heavy user turn on power saving mode. this mode is helps to reducing battery consumption. But cpu performance going down and some sensors not working. Close all recently opened apps. Use dark mode to save power consumption (Only for Oled displays).

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