Microsoft Windows 10/11 Os Full Keyboard Shortcuts

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Microsoft windows have lots of keyboard shortcuts, This usage of keyboard shortcuts made easy and fast work. Microsoft Windows operating system was top leading operating system developer company. Almost more than 80 percent people using this Microsoft Windows Operating System. This Microsoft Windows released lots of windows versions. At present we are using Windows 7,8,8.1,10,11 versions. Use this keyboard shortcuts make life easier.

General ShortCuts

General Shortcut KeyCommand Name
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + VPaste
Windows + VClipboard (Copy History) new
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + NNew file
Ctrl + OOpen file
Ctrl + WClose window
Ctrl + SSave file
Ctrl + Shift + SSave as file
Ctrl + PPrint
Ctrl + Alt + Delete / Ctrl + Shift + ESCTask Manager
Ctrl + WClose window / Close tab
Alt + F4 / Ctrl + QClose application
Windows + LLock
Windows + RRun command
Windows + EFile explorer
Windows / Ctrl + EscStart Menu
Window + Q / Windows + SSearch in windows
Window + WMicrosoft Whiteboard
Windows + TSelect application in taskbarnew
Windows + UEase of access settings
Windows + ISettings
Windows + PDisplay Project
Windows + :Emoj new
Windows + ANotification panel new
Windows + DMinimize all windows / Restore all windows
Windows + GGame capture new
Windows + Shift + SScreen Snip (Screen Capture)new
Windows + Alt + RScreen Recording new
Windows + Alt + Print screen Screen shotnew
Windows + X + U UWindows shut down new
Windows + HVoice typing new
Windows + KConnect devices
Windows + XStart menu options
Windows + CCortana voice assistant
Windows + BTaskbar hidden icons
Windows + MMinimize Window
Windows + Shift + MMaximize Window
Windows + ,Hide window
Windows + .Emojis
Windows + Arrow keysWindow placement adjustment
Windows + NumberOpen Application

File Explorer ShortCuts

File Explorer Shortcut KeyCommand Name
Ctrl + CCopy Folder
Ctrl + XCut Folder
Ctrl + VPaste Folder
Windows + Shift + letterSelect folder with start with that letter
Ctrl + ASelect All Folders
Ctrl + Shift + NCreate New folder
Delete / Backspace Delete Folder
Ctrl + WClose window
F2File or Folder Name Rename
F3Address bar
Alt + F4Close window
Alt + Up ArrowGo to Up Folder
Alt + left arrow Previous Folder
Alt + Right ArrowNext Folder
Home Buttonfirst Folder/File
End ButtonLast Folder/File
Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Folder/File view change

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