Whatsapp new feature : Now Send Messages Yourself

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Whatsapp uses increasing day to day life WhatsApp users mainly using WhatsApp for massages, audio and video calling. Almost all smartphone users are using WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp recently announced massage yourself feature in India. Whatsapp testing on this feature from last few weeks. Meta CEO Mark zuckerberg officially announced about this feature. This feature is available for all Android and Ios users in few weeks. This feature already available in few users app.

This message yourself feature : You can send yourself a message just like you would in any other chat. Not only messages you can send also images, videos and links.

Follow this steps to message yourself in whatsapp app:

  • Open chat tab in whatsapp app.
  • Click the new chat icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  • At the top of the list in contacts, you will see your name with the text Message yourself under it.
  • Select to open your chat window.
  • Here you can type and send messages to yourself.

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